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What is a “POLO Plan” and why you need one

POLO stands for “Protect Our Little Ones” and our plan is designed to do just that. We prepare a set of documents which designate guardians during your lifetime. In the event of an emergency, such as a motor vehicle accident, these documents inform the medical responders who to contact to care for your children instead of them being placed in the care of Department of Children & Families (DCF). The plan includes:

• Documents to name short-term guardians who can be there immediately for your children and letters to them so they will know just what to do if called upon.

• Documents to name long-term guardians who will raise your children just as you would and letters to them with instructions on how you want your kids to be raised and important healthcare information.

• A document to exclude certain persons who you DO NOT want to be guardians for your children.

• Medical powers of attorney for your minor children so they get the medical attention they need in the event you are not with them at any given time.

• Emergency instructions for your babysitter.

• An I.D. card for your wallet stating who should be contacted if you are in an accident.

If you name guardians under your last will and testament, those people are not appointed until after your death. With our POLO Plan, you appoint guardians now in the event something happens to you during your lifetime. This will avoid having a judge decide who raises your children.

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